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Easy DIY Pink Moon Painting for Beginners

Easy DIY Pink Moon Painting for Beginners

Create an out-of-this-world painting with just a handful of supplies!

Painting an ethereal pink moon isn’t as hard as it sounds—especially with our quick and easy tutorial! Using simple supplies like a canvas, hard body acrylic paints, and a sponge, we’ll show you how to create a luminous moon that glows in a magical night sky.




What You’ll Need


    • Palette Knife


    Cover your work surface with a large plastic sheet or kraft paper to protect against drips. No need to purchase a specialty paint sponge—a kitchen sponge, magic eraser, or cotton balls work great for this activity!



    Step-by-Step Instructions


    Step 1

    Create a moon tape mask by slightly overlapping 5–7 pieces of painter’s tape on a hard, scratch-resistant surface or cutting mat. Use a cup or bowl to trace your moon shape, then cut out your circle with an X-Acto knife.


    Step 2

    Place your moon tape mask onto the canvas, pressing firmly to make sure it’s properly adhered. Using your paints, dab on a ring of dots in the following color order: Magenta, Medium Purple, and Violet.


    Step 3

    Use a paint brush to spread the colors around the canvas, working from the inner rings to the outer rings. Blend colors with a sponge.


    Step 4

    Slightly thin out your Titanium White paint with water, then use a paint brush to flick the paint onto the canvas to mimic stars.


    Step 5

    With a palette knife (or any dull knife), gently lift up and remove the moon tape mask.


    Step 6

    Apply a Titanium White dot in the center of the moon, followed by a ring of four Magenta dots, then an outer ring of seven Titanium White dots. Blend the dots together with a paint brush to fill in the moon with a soft pink color.


    Step 7

    Add colorful dimension to the moon by applying Magenta, Medium Purple, and Titanium White accents with a sponge.



    Step 8

    Use a paint brush to and Titanium White to create fine crater details.


    Step 9

    Give your piece a full day to dry before touching or hanging.

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